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3. Truck Mounted Coiled Tubing Crane
3.1. Description
This description covers the specifications for a truck mounted coiled tubing crane unit
designed for the well stimulation operations in the harsh environment of oilfields
located in Russia. This unit is installed on a heavy duty oilfield type truck chassis.
The unit will be capable of operating in ambient temperature ranges of -40°C to 40°C.

Included with this unit shall be the following components or systems:
• Heavy Duty Truck Chassis Type MB Actros 3341A, 6x6
• Hydraulic System
• Generator
• Crane Rated to 25000 kg
• Air Compressor Rated to 350 bar and 500 Liter/Minute
• Enclosed Workstation Including BOP Service And Pressure Test Station
• Wireless Remote Operating System For Crane

This unit shall be designed with manual control systems. Installation of an automated
system will be provided by C.A.T. Manual controls shall give the operator the
capability to control all systems installed on this unit. Manual controls can be used to
override automatic controls at any time during the operation of the unit.

This unit will be capable of lifting and moving CTU BOP’s and components onto and
off of the wellhead.

Approximate physical dimensions of this unit are:
• Length: 10.0 meters
• Width: 2.85 meters
• Height: 4.0 meters
• Weight: 30000 Kg

3.2. Equipment Specifications
3.2.1. Chassis Details
The unit will be mounted on a Mercedes Benz Type Actros 3144 A, 6x6 modified
heavy duty oilfield chassis. The MB will be equipped with a full sleeper cabin, PTO,
tyres 14.00R20 and a subframe.
3.2.2. Hydraulic System
The engine PTO shall directly power a multi-output hydraulic pump drive. Installed
on this multi-output hydraulic pump drive shall be two (2) closed loop hydraulic power
systems designed to power the following components:
- One circuit to power the crane.
- One circuit to power the auxiliary equipment.
Additional details on the hydraulic system installation includes:

- All hoses to be Aeroquip or equivalent high quality hydraulic hoses
- Every effort should be made to minimize contact and wear by abrasion.
Covers or wear pads shall be attached wherever contact cannot be avoided.
- The hydraulic reservoir size shall be minimized to produce as compact a
system as possible without sacrificing performance or longevity. Filters shall
be installed as close as possible to reservoir and each other.
- All necessary hoses, fitting, couplings, gauges and valves to complete system
- Hydraulic oil cooler

3.3. Control Platform
Installed on this unit behind the truck cab shall be an enclosed workstation with
overhead access through the top to permit entry of tools and BOP’s for repair and
service. Behind the workstation will be placed an air compressor which will be used
to purge fluids from the coiled tubing. On the rear of the truck will be the crane which
will be used to lift and place the BOP’s and injector onto the wellhead for the coiled
tubing job.

3.4. Control Cabin
Details of this cab are as follows:

Approximate outer dimensions of cab:
Length - 5.0 meters
Width - 2.85 meters
Height - 2.5 meters
- Tubular steel frame
- Sheet metal outer skin
- Insulated walls, doors, roof and floor
- Hydraulic and engine water cabin heaters
- Two (2) access doors
- Windows installed in each wall and door
- Dome light

3.5. Manual Controls and Instrumentation
Installed in the weather enclosure shall be a manual control and instrumentation
system. Each device shall be installed on a non-corrosive control panel and shall
feature permanent labeling in English and Russian. All electronic controls shall be
installed in a single NEMA 4 rated enclosure. Any mechanical, pneumatic or
hydraulic control shall be installed in a separate panel.

• Power Unit Controls and Instrumentation
• Engine controls and instrumentation
• Manual controls mounted on crane truck
• Remote control for Crane
• 1030 Bar (15000 PSI) rated Haskell pump for pressure testing BOP’s
and well control equipment
• Air compressor pressure, speed, and temperature display
• Hydraulic Temperature Gauge
• Emergency shutdown control

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