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Automatic Double Pump Cementing Skid

1. General Description
The Model ATCS 800 system is a complete mixing and pumping unit that is skid
mounted. This unit is state-of-the-art in mixing and automatic control. This system is
designed for the most demanding oil and gas well cementing requirements. The
quality of design, component selection, and quality manufacture makes it a
benchmark in the industry.
The high energy mixing system can mix the most difficult slurries and the ACM
automatic density control will provided superior density control. The pump unit can be
utilized for a variety of pumping services including acidizing, cementing, pressure
testing and fracturing within the limits of the available horsepower. The inline triplex
pump installation makes the maintenance and service of pumps easier.
This system is designed for minimum maintenance and operating in extremely harsh
environment with temperatures ranging from -25 oC to 50 oC and relative humidity up
to 90%.

1.1 Key Points
Continuous High Energy Mixing
Auto Density Control
Air Inlet Shutoff
Overpressure Shutdown
SPS Packing System
Non-Radioactive Densimeter
Stainless Steel Console
Engraved Stainless Panel
Dual Scale Gauges
Remote Monitoring And Data Record System Available
Integral High Pressure Iron

1.2 Application
Untilies Pumping Cement, Brines, Acids, Pressure Testing And Well Testing
Meters Mixing Fluids
Mixing Cement Slurry
Picks Up Fluids from Remote Sources
Used for Onland Operation

1.3 Specification
The ATCS 800 Double Pump Cementing Skid comprises of the following
(2) CAT C13 engine, 475 HP each
(2) ALLISON 4700 OFS transmission
(2). Triplex Pump Plunger Dia 4.5"
(1) Close-loop hydraulic system
(1) 8 bbl mixing tank
(1) 2X10 bbl displacement tank
(2) C.A.T. 6x5 centrifugal pumps (cement mixing recirculation and transfer to
triplex pumps)
(1) MISSION 4x3 centrifugal pump (mix water and displacement fluid)
(1) High Energy Mixing system, Automatic Control Mixing System for density
(1) Fuel day tank 900 L, separately placed
(1) Air reservoir, 20 gal

1.4 Performance

2. Power System
Two (2) diesel engines drive two (2) high-pressure triplex pumps via automatic
transmissions and flexible drivelines.
Diesel Engines
Model: Caterpillar C13
Rated Power: 475HP@2100RPM
Mode of Starting: electrical starter.
Cooling system: Radiator and Fan
Lube oil pump, filter and cooling system
Fuel pump and filter system
Heavy-duty air filter, dry element type
Emergency kill for air intake shutdown
24V alternator and battery

3. Power Distribution System
3.1 Transmissions
Allison 4700 OFS automatic transmission, completes with fill tube, dip stick
gauge, torque converter, and 1810 series output flange.
Gear ratios as follows:
1 st gear 7.63
2-nd gear 3.51
3 rd gear 1.91
4-th gear 1.43
5-th gear, 1.00
Gear ratios are selected manually, Reverse - Blocked out
3.2 Transmission Accessories
• Oil pan with level gauge and filler tube
• PTOs, driving hydraulic pumps
• An engine mounted water to oil tube and shell cooling system
3.3 Drivelines
Heavy-duty drivelines are used between the transmissions and triplex pumps.
They are built with heavy-duty universal joints using 1800 series components.
• Installation of drivelines is such that the manufacturer's maximum
recommended angle is not exceeded.
• Each driveline is equipped with a metal guard assembly complete with
greasing access.
• Manufacturer name & model: Spicer 1800 series

4. High Pressure Pumping System
4.1 Triplex Pumps
The triplex pumps are good for high-pressure well service. Each pump is
equipped with an integral gear reduction box. The triplex pumps are designed
to pump cement slurries, sand-laden fluids, crude oil, acids, mud and other oil
well servicing fluids. The pumps have the following specifications.
Power End
Type Single acting Triplex
Configuration Horizontal in line
Stoke 8" (203.2 mm)
Maximum Rod Load 170,000 lb (79,230360 kg)
Maximum input
Horse Power 400 BHP
Fluid End
Plunger Size Max Pressure PSI (MPa)
Displacement Per
4" (101.6) 14,000 (96.5) 1.30 (4.9)
4 1/2" (114.3) 11,200 (77.2) 1.65 (6.2)
Gear Box
Ratio 8.4:1
Maximum input RPM 2400 RPM
Rated Horse Power 600 HP
Coupling Spicer 1800 series drive flange

4.2 Power End Lubrication System
The power end lubrication system contains:
Bypass valve
Required plumbing and hoses
Heat exchanger
Pressure gauge
Temperature gauge
Full flow filter
Suction strainer
4.3 Plunger Packing Lubrication System
The plunger lubrication system is provided by a pressurized oil supply system.
The packing lubrication system contains:
Lube oil reservoir
Distribution manifold
Required plumbing and hoses
Pressure gauge
Pressure regulator
Flow control valves for each plunger with setting locks

5. Fluid Handling System
5.1 Fluid Displacement Tank
The displacement tank is a custom built stainless steel construction. It has a
working volume of 20 bbl and consists of two 1.59 m3 (10 bbl) compartments
each having graduated markers measuring in increments of 1 bbl. Two
hydraulic paddle agitators and control valve are also installed on each side.
The discharge ports from the displacement tank are 152.4mm (6 in) butterfly
valves leading into a 127 mm (5 in) pipe that provides good velocity for gravity
flow to boost pump and triplex pumps.

5.2 Low-pressure piping
• The suction manifold has a working pressure rating of 1.2 MPa (175 psi).
The manifold includes various butterfly valves, which are convenient to operate, and various flanges, couplings, union connections, pipe and fittings that are easy to connect.
• Fluid from the mixing tank connects to both the recirculating & boost
pumps or to the suction manifold for the two triplex plunger pumps. Fluid
from the recirculating pump can be pumped into mixing tank via the
densitometer and slurry mixer and into the suction manifold of the triplex
• Remote valves are air actuated.
• The suction manifold for the transfer pump is supplied from either the
displacement tank or the mixing tank. The suction manifold of the triplex
pumps is supplied by either the transfer pump or gravity fed from the line
connecting the displacement tank and the transfer pump.
• A fill manifold for filling the displacement tank from an external
mud, sea water or water supply is equipped with three 4” butterfly valves,
and three 4” union joints.

6. Cement Mixing System
6.1 Introduction
The mixing system is a high-energy recirculating slurry mixer type. It consists
of a high energy jet mixer, diffuser, mixing tank, agitators and recirculating and
mix water pumps. The mixer design maximizes wetting of all cement by forcing
the dry bulk cement into and between the fresh water and the recirculating
slurry. The mix water centrifugal pump and the recirculating centrifugal pump
provide most of the high energy. The diffuser aids in removing air entrainment
from the bulk cement and eliminates dust in the mix tank. A hydraulic driven
paddle tank agitator provides improved mixing and more homogenous slurry.
The mixing capacity range is 0 - 2.3 m3/min with mixing density range of
1.0-2.5 g/cm3. The mix tub piping delivers fluid to the suction manifold of the
recirculating centrifugal pump via 6” piping.
The cement mixing system can be operated in a manual or automatic mode. In
manual mode the operator uses a manually operated hydraulic control valve to
control the cement-metering valve. In the automatic mode, an electro-hydraulic
control system operates the cement-metering valve. The electro-hydraulic
system is controlled by an industrial process controller/computer. The slurry
density can be quickly reduced by the use of a bypass line (connected to the
recirculation pump suction).
6.2 ACM-III system
The ACM (Density Auto Control System) consists of industrial computer, 3”
non-radioactive densitometer, 3” flow meter, solenoid valve, cement metering
valve, encoder and cementing software.
The bulk cement is pneumatically delivered to the cement metering valve. The
proportional cement metering valve controls the flow rate of the bulk cement to
the recirculating mixer. When the system is in automatic mode, the computer
automatically controls the valve.
Mix water along with recirculated slurry mixes the dry bulk cement into slurry.
The slurry is then discharged into the mixing tank via an air separating diffuser. The newly mixed slurry is homogenized with the existing slurry by a
tank agitator and then is re-circulated by the recirculation centrifugal pump
back to the mixer. The 3” densitometer located on the circulating piping
system detects the actual density and feeds it back to the computer. When
the primary mixing tank becomes full, it flows over a weir into a second tank
for averaging and final discharge to a downhole pumping unit.
The 3′′flow meter mounted on the mix water piping measures the water flow
rate and sends the readings back to the computer.
The ACS auto density control system uses measured values for density, water
rate, slurry design factors and the cement metering valve position to determine
the new cement valve position. This is recalculated every second. The
computer in turn commands the hydraulic actuating system to adjust the
opening of the proportional cement metering valve. The result is that the
slurry density is controlled within the preset density range.
The auto mixing system also has interfaces for triplex discharge pressure and
slurry discharge rate. It also displays and records the slurry density, discharge
rate, bulk deliverability and the downhole pumping pressure.
6.3 Mixing Water Centrifugal Pump
The mixing centrifugal pump will meet the following specification.
• Model: 4X3
• Suction: 4” pipe
• Discharge: 3” pipe
• Flow rate at 110 psi work pressure: 1.65 m3/min (10.4 bpm)
• Maximum closed-in pressure: 1.17 MPa (170 psi)
The mixing centrifugal pump takes on fluid from external sources or the
displacement tank through a manifold with 4” union connections. The pump
can discharge fluid into the mix tub or displacement tank.

6.4 Recirculating Centrifugal Pump
The dedicated 6X5 recirculating centrifugal pump has the following
• Model: 6x5
• Suction: 6”
• Discharge: 5”
• Max. flow rate at 64 psi: 3.7 m3/min (23 bpm)
• Maximum closed-in pressure: 0.49 MPa (70 psi)
The recirculating centrifugal pump is capable of receiving fluid from the mix
tub and from the displacement tank via the mix tank.
The recirculating pump can discharge fluid into the mix tub for recirculating
or into the suction manifold of the triplex pumps.
6.5 Boost Centrifugal Pump
The dedicated 6x5 boost centrifugal pump has the following specifications.
• Model: 6x5
• Suction: 6” pipe size
• Discharge: 5” pipe size
• Flow rate at 64 psi: 3.7 m3/min (23 bpm)
• Maximum closed-in pressure: 0.49 MPa (70 psi)
The boost centrifugal pump is capable of receiving fluid from the mixing
tank, and discharge fluid into the mix tub for recirculating or into the suction
manifold of the triplex pumps.
Note: The recirculation and boost pumps are dedicated pumps for their
respective functions but in case there was a problem with either pump, the
other pump can take the place of the inoperative pump or can take both
functions at the same time at a reduced rate.

7. Hydraulic System
Hydraulic system consists of independent systems: one for closed loop
hydraulic pumps and the other for agitator open loop systems. The system
contains of an steel reservoir with sight gauge, filtration system, and heat
Hydraulic systems take power from the transmission PTO ́S, and will drive the
following components:
• Recirculating pump (close loop)
• Boost centrifugal pump (close loop)
• Mixing water centrifugal pump. (close loop)
• Mix tub agitator (open loop)
• Metering valve actuator (open loop)
8. High Pressure Discharge Manifold
All the discharge connector and piping are 2”, fig 1502
Rated working pressure of the exhaust manifold and the union: 105MPa
Rated working pressure for the plug valve and relief valve: 105MPa
3 (Three) 2” plug valves should be equipped. Two triplex pumps can be
manifolded together so as to be capable of discharging simultaneously to
the same outlet.
A flow back manifold (connected to the opposite side of the pump)
connects to the pressure release line with an open end connected to the
displacement tank. Two 2" X1" 1502 plug valve control the release line.
Each of the pump discharge line has a safety valve.
Each of the pump discharge lines has a pressure transducer and 105MPa
(15,000 psi) mechanical pressure gauges.
The discharge manifold/valves are mounted firmly by a heavy duty
mounting system.

9. Operation and Display System
9.1 Operator Console
The Operator console is a custom built steel cabinet with a protective stainless
steel cover. The instrument panel is stainless steel with permanently engraved
labeling in English. The location of the console allows the operator a full view
of the various instruments and gauges of the console.
9.2 Deck Instrumentation
• The engine gauges includes tachometers, oil pressure gauges, water
temperature gauges, voltmeter, and warning lights that indicate low
engine oil pressure and high water temperature.
• The transmission gauges includes the main oil pressure, lock-up clutch
indicator light, oil temperature and fluid level gauge.
• The pump lube gauges includes lube oil pressure gauge, oil
temperature, and an oil level gauge. The pressure and temperature
gauges are switch gauge type and activate a warning light whenever a
certain level is reached.
• A transducer and a mechanical diaphragm mounted on the triplex fluid-
end are utilized to measure the discharge pressure.
• The unit is equipped with an over pressure protection system. When the
pressure of the pump reaches to a predetermined point, the computer
system will output a command to engine throttle system to bring the
engine to idle speed.
• 10” panel view for the parameter inputting and monitoring.
• The hydraulic system has pressure gauges for each pump circuit and
an oil temperature gauge mounted in the console.
• Console mounted pressure gauges are liquid filled with dual scale face
reading in standard U. S. units and metric units.
• Mixing water pump is equipped with a flow meter and pressure gauge.

10. Unitization and completion
To keep the equipment completion, the following items should be included.
• Lights and electric system.
• Air system, need a remote clean air source, with a working pressure of
0.8Mpa, and flow rate not less than 14.3 L/S.
• Centrifugal pump Lubrication system

11. Painting
The body loaded equipment will have the following finish and preparations:
• All steel parts will be sand blasted to white metal
• Primer will be zinc rich
• Color will be polyurethane paint with catalyst
• Clear red coat

12. Tools and Spare Parts
12.1 Tools
Description Quantity
Hammer (2.7 Kg) 1
Pipe clamp (24") 1
Universal wrench 1 set
Socket spanner 1 set
Wrench (used to fill fuel, chain) 1
Special tools for plunger pump 1 set

12.2 Spare parts
Description Quantity
Engine Spare Parts
Master fuel filter 1
Auxiliary fuel filter 1
Engine oil filter 1
Air filter element 1
Filter 1
Triplex pump
Packing, assy. 4 1/2” 3
Hydraulic System
Element,Filter Return 2
Packing, 5X6 Centrifugal pump 1 set

13. Documentation
Engine, transmission, triplex pump, centrifugal pump operation and
maintenance manual 2 set
Engine, triplex pump parts manual 2 set.
ATCS 800 twin pump cementer skid operation and maintenance
manual. 2 set
ACM-III density auto control system operation manual. 2 set

16. Optional Item
Data Acquisition System
The portable data acquisition unit is specialized for job data acquisition during
the cementing job process, and it can easily realize the function of data
acquisition both locally and remotely. It is featured as small size, light weight,
easy to take and operate with friendly interface, etc.
The hardware of the unit consists of box unit, stainless steel panel and hyper
terminal computer with the advantage of reasonable layout, firm and durable,
and easy to operate.
It shows the following characters and functions
1. RDS receiving terminal software SERVAviewTM for Cementing is one of the
popular self-developed software, which is applied for special density auto-
controlling cementing equipment.
2. SERVAviewTM for Cementing terminal software provides various functions
such as real time cementing data recording and saving, making out of data
curve and report sheet, reading back of historical data and backup data, and
printing out of data.
The effective distance of remote data acquisition can be more than 100
meters. And the portable data acquisition unit is directly connected with
cementing equipment by cable, which is very convenient to monitor, control
and instruct of all kinds of job curves during the whole process of cementing job.
This system can save the data of each cementing job to computer’s hard
disk, to effectively avoid data lost.
After each cementing job, the system can make out data report, print out the
job tracks, and read back the whole job for effectively job analysis.
The accessory functions such as conversion tools for oil field unit, scientific
calculator are very useful for operators during the jobs. Also, the system can
be easily switched between Chinese and English according to different
language requirements.

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