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1. Master Skid
The operator’s cab and power pack mounted as a technical entity. The cabin design allows monitoring and controlling of the coiled tubing jobs and components, such as diesel engine, injector and reel without any problems. All safety devices can be easily operated from the cab. The reel package is placed at the master skid but anytime interchangeable. The injector will be stored at the trailers rear while moving the unit to the well sides.

1.1. Operator’s Cab
1.1.1. Dimensions and Standard Equipment
Width: 2,4 m (7 1/2’ foot)
Length: 2,0 m (6 1/2’ foot)
Height: 2,0 m (6 1/2’ foot)

The cabin is equipped with a door, a window affording a panoramic view and small windows. The panoramic window is a high-room window type and it affords a good view over the reel and injector. In front of the window the solid square tubes are mounted to protect adequately the workers and operators in case of emergency.
The cabin equipment includes an operator seat and three (3) folding seats.
An air conditioner mounted provides a cooling capacity up to 4.5 kW.
It can be connected to an external power line (230/400 V) without any problems.
All hydraulic and electrical connections from the cabin to the power pack, injector or reel are directed via a cable drag chain to the hose reel or the bulkheads for cable connections.

1.1.2. Control Panel
The control panel (stainless steel) is designed in accordance with the general coiled tubing standards. Operating units, such as engine/ injector and reel controls, are equipped with separate and clearly legible labels.

1.1.3. Engine Monitoring
• Speed control and tachometer
• Water temperature gauge
• On-/ off-unit
• Emergency stop

1.1.4. Injector Control System
• Direction and speed control via potentiometer
• Setting pulling force via pressure setting of injector circuit with pressure indicator
• Chain tension with pressure indicator
• Chain traction with pressure indicator
• Gauge for injector load cell
• Electronic gauge for depth and speed measuring of tubing string

1.1.5. BOP Control System
• Barksdale hand valves with pneumatic cylinders are used for the BOP control system. The hand valves can be controlled from the control console via the air pressure. The manual valves are located closed to the accumulator racks and can manually be operated from there.
• The following five (5) BOP functions are provided and labeled:
- Blind Ram
- Shear Ram
- Seal Ram
- Slip Ram
- Auxiliary

First back up: - bladder accumulators
Second back up: - combined hand/air pump system
Third back up: - one N2 bottle with 50 L volume

1.1.6. Reel Control System
• Direction and speed control via potentiometer
• Setting pulling force via pressure setting of injector circuit with pressure indicator
• Reel brake
• Levelwind override control
• Levelwind raiser/lower control
1.1.7. Further Equipment
The system includes a hand pump (16 cm3 per stroke) and an air-driven pump (30 cm3 per stroke) to control the BOP and the stripper in case of emergency.

1.2. Power Pack
1.2.1. Diesel Engine
To drive the hydraulic pumps, a Caterpillar motor will be used:
• Type: C15 (turbo charged)
• Power: 540 BHP at 1800 – 2200 RPM
• Cooler and air filter in heavy design
• Caterpillar motor control box cooled via fuel from the fuel cooler
• Motor equipped with electric starter, exhaust muffler assembly and air

1.2.2. Hydraulic Pumps
Three (3) hydraulic pumps are line-mounted with a direct connection to the diesel
engine in order to power the unit.
The first (large) pump (280 cm3) is connected to the injector engines (closed loop).
The second pump (105 cm3) is used to drive the tubing reel (also closed loop).
The third pump (75 cm3) is a load-sensing pump and it will be used for supplying the
power to other units: bladder accumulator (accumulation bottles), injector and reel
control systems.

1.2.3. Hydraulic Filters
Four (4) high-pressure filters are used in each reel and injector high-pressure circuit
in order to provide a sufficient protection of the unit. This ensures a sufficient
protection of the unit while other reels and injectors will be mounted. An auxiliary
pump circuit is secured via a return filter. A spare parts set will be supplied with the

1.2.4. Hose Reels
The power unit is equipped with five (5) hose reels.

Power Hose Reel for Injector:
- To drive the injector motors
Quantity: 2 hoses
Size: 1 1/2”
Length of hoses: 40 m (130 foot)
Allowed pressure: up to 420 bar (6000 psi)

Control Hose Reel for Injector:
- To supply all injector functions like chain tension, stripper, etc.
Quantity: 10 hoses
Size: 1/2”
Length of hoses: 40 m (130 foot)
Allowed pressure: up to 275 bar (4000 psi)

Power Hose Reel for Tubing Reel:
- To drive the tubing reel motor
Quantity: 2 hoses
Size: 1”
Length of hoses: 40 m (130 foot)
Allowed pressure: up to 420 bar (6000 psi)

Control Hose Reel for Tubing Reel:
- To supply the tubing reel control functions, reel brake and
Quantity: 6 hoses
Size: 3/4 “
Length of hoses: 40 m (130 foot)
Allowed pressure: up to 275 bar (4000 psi)

Hose Reel for BOP:
- To supply all BOP functions, slip, seal, shear, blind and auxiliary.
Quantity: 10 hoses
Size: 1/2”
Length of hoses: 40 m (130 foot)
Allowed pressure: up to 275 bar (4000 psi)

All hose reels excepting Control Hose Reel for Tubing Reel are equipped with a
hydraulic motor in order to provide an easy reel in / reel out.

1.2.5. Accumulation for BOP and Stripper Control
To provide an optimal protection, three (3) bladder accumulators (each with volume
of 50 L) are mounted on the power skid for using in case of emergency. The bladder
accumulators are loaded via the third hydraulic pump; they supply the power directly
to the Barksdale air and hand valves.
In addition, there is a nitrogen bottle (50 L) on the power skid. This nitrogen bottle
can supply the power to the BOP system by opening a ball valve in an absolute case
of emergency. The nitrogen bottle is supplied empty for reasons of transportation.
To provide a sufficient power to the stripper in case of emergency, a bladder
accumulator (with volume of 20 L) is connected to the stripper system all the time.

1.3. Data Acquisition
1.3.1. Data Acquisition Hardware
The skid is equipped with hardware necessary for data recording. This equipment
consists of the following components:
• CPU (Controller) for recording of all measuring signals
• Touch panel for indication of instantaneous values and diagrams. Using the
touch panel, the min/ max values for the 4 – 20 mA sensors and the volumes
or the range of pick-up sensors can be calibrated.
• Bulkhead used for connection of sensor cables
• Each outlet is labeled with an appropriate sensor type.
• Bulkhead is used for the following sensors:
- String weight (4 – 20 mA)
- Circulation pressure (4 – 20 mA)
- Wellhead pressure (4 – 20 mA)
- Casing pressure (4 – 20 mA)
- Fluid rate (4 – 20 mA)
- Speed/depth (pick-up)
- Fluid rate (pick-up)
- N2 Rate (pick-up)
Included in delivery:
• Three (3) cable reels (4-wire) for 4 – 20 mA sensors
• Three (3) cable reels (6-wire) for pick-up and speed sensor
• Three (3) Viatran hammer union
• One (1) depth counter mounted on the injector
• One (1) load cell mounted on the injector

1.3.2. MEDCO-DART-Software
Data Acquisition and Real Time processing
• Up to 64 parameters.
• Real time graphs with scrolling back and forth in time.
• Several curves may be merged on any one graph.
• Flexible scaling, curve colour, number format for each parameter on the graph.
• Upper and lower alarms for each parameter.
• Software calibration of parameters without affecting the hardware
• Curve smoothing by averaging values.
• User defined/computed parameters.
• Data is available for external applications to perform real-time analysis.
• Importing external data in real-time. This can include external applications
• Automatic peak/trough detection regardless of sampling rate.
• Sampling rates from 1 second.
• Files playback.
• Zoom facility before printing.
• Summary reports with comments entered in real-time or edited post job.

1.3.3. MEDCO-FACT-Software
Fatigue Analysis for Coiled Tubing
FACT is a management tool that can be used to maximise the safe use of coiled
tubing strings. The Fatigue Analysis, tracks life consumption of individual coiled
tubing strings and parts of the strings subject to jobs carried out in wells or in the
yard, and showing life consumption per job.
In addition, the module gives the user the option of finding the maximum number of
cycles to fatigue failure, with or without internal pressure and subject to a user
specified geometry of the goose-neck and the reel.
In all the computations of this module, corrosion factors (due to acid, cement, etc.)
and stress concentration factors (due to welds) are taken into account.
There are two modes of operation of the program, as a stand-alone program where
data can be entered manually, or can be used in real-time reading data directly from
a data-logging program such as DART producing up-to-date state of the pipe as well
as the real-time tri-axial stresses.
At any time, the user can view the current status of the coiled tubing or can review
the history of the string.
A database of the most common coiled tubing sizes and materials currently produced
by the manufacturers is included. In addition, a database of most common corrosion
factors and stress concentrations due to welds are also included. The user is also
able to add new records to the supplied databases.

1.3.4. MEDCO-TAS-Software
Tubing Analysis System
TAS is a computer program designed to perform various calculations and simulations
often needed in tubular applications. TAS is used as a coiled tubing job simulator.
TAS is an integrated modular program incorporating Force and Stress Analysis, Fluid
Circulation, and Transient Simulator, in addition to numerous quick computations
often needed in tubular computations.

Force and Stress Analysis Module
The computations in this module include the effects of weight, friction, buoyancy,
well head pressure, pressure drop through downhole tools, dog-leg severity, and
extra friction (in buckling modes, i.e. sinusoidal and helical).
The module will automatically detect critical conditions such as lockup and severe
dog-legs. Furthermore, several options are available for simulating different
scenarios such as applying weight-on-bit, bottom-hole pull, changing well
conditions to account for fluid circulation effects, predicting maximum pull, and
predicting maximum push to lockup.

1.4. 60K Injector
The Injector will be equipped with a gripper block for a 1 3/4” tubing string.
1.4.1. Specifications
The 60 K injector has the following specifications:
• 60,000 lbs continuous pulling capacity
• 30,000 lbs of continuous snubbing capacity
• 200 ft/min @ 50,000 lbs
• Removable gripper blocks (range: 1 1/4” - 2 7/8”)
• Outer frame will support 60,000 lbs load (push or pull)
• Independent repositionable drives can accommodate various sizes of tubing
• Patented coiled tubing handling system
• Double planetary reduction boxes designed for coiled tubing application
• Two axial piston variable displacement hydraulic motors
• High flow counterbalance valves installed at hydraulic motors or distribution
• Easily accessible grease lubrication points for bearings
• Spring applied, pressure released modular bakes between planetary gear box
and hydraulic motor
• Induction hardened teeth on all sprockets
• Splinted top drive with fixed position live shaft lower sprockets
• Linear bearing traction system applies even force to the entire traction length
without ripple movement of the gripper blocks
• Four traction cylinders of conventional design
• Bladder type accumulators installed on traction circuit
• Self adjusting slack adjusters on linear bearing chain
• Hydraulic slack adjustors for gripper chain
• Auto break
• Chain lubrication is activated by chain movement and features metering
pumps for optimum lubrication with minimal waste of oil
• Double acting electronic load pin with analog console gauge
• Stripper adapter flange (customer must provide stripper bolting information)
• Fold down work platforms

1.4.2. Guide Arch 72” for Injector Head
• 72” Guide Arch radius
• Adjustable alignment for guide arch to injector head for alignment of tubing
• Steel rollers on lower and upper section of guide arch
• Flared end of guide arch with side ware bars

1.4.3. Fall Protection System for Injector Head
• Fall protection system consist of a fabricated tube system that is mounted over
the injector head assembly and has a life line retracting device with a twenty
foot line with a shackle where a person can attach the device to their safety

1.5. Tubing Reel Package
The Tubing Reel stores the Coiled Tubing String and allows a perfect up and down
spooling of the pipe. The Tubing Reel Unit is equipped with the spooler head,
spooling drum, reel frame, and hydraulic motor gearbox assembly. The reel drum and
the reel frame are separable. The reel drum is equipped with clamps to fix the Coiled
tubing string before it will be released from the spooler head.

1.5.1. General Information
• The tubing reel drum is covered by a heavy duty steel frame.
• The reel frame is equipped with a four-point lifting arrangement.
• Capacity of Tubing length: 1,25” = 6500 m (22000 ft)
1,5” = 4500 m (15000 ft)
1,75” = 3400 m (11000 ft)
1.5.2. Level wind Assembly
• The level wind assembly is hydraulically controlled.
• The level wind frame can be lowered or raised by two small hydraulic
• The spooling head runs on a well proven lead screw.
• The override of the spooling head can be automatically in synchronisation to
the spooled tubing string or manual controlled by joystick from the cabin.

1.5.3. Coilded Tubing String
The tubing reel will be equipped with a 1 3/4” coiled tubing string.
• Outer diameter: 1,1/2 “
• String type: Tapered
• Grade: HS-80
• Condition: Continuous milled

Miscellaneous Items: - Fitting 2” 1502 Male –Outside
- Internal & External Corrosion Inhibitor
- Spool – 150-80-80 Metal – 6” Shaft

1.6. Trailer Assembly
This unit shall be installed on a heavy-duty type single-drop deck trailer.
Details of this trailer are as follows:

Heavy duty twin A36 center I-beam trailer complete with I-beam cross-members
• 8 foot, 6 inch width
• 2 inch SAE king pin with 3/8 rub plate
• 14,000 lbs. landing legs with two (2) speed gearbox
• Twin rear axles rated 30, 000 lbs. each (60,000 lbs. total)
• Tires Michelin XZL WB 445/65R22.5
• Brakes 16-1/2”X 7” air type with ABS
• Parking brake air chambers
• Running lights, stop/turn
• Rear bumper
• Rolled steel fenders front & rear
• ABS brake light

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