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4. Nitrogen High Pressure Pump Unit Trailer Mounted
4.1. Power System
4.1.1. Diesel Engine
One Caterpillar C-16 550BHP shall be installed on a skid.
• Radiator with charge air cooler
• Engine driven fan
• Air cleaner
• Air compressor
• E-Kill shut down
• 12Volt electrical system
• Cooling System:
A cooling package shall be vertically mounted in front of engine. This cooling
package shall include sections for the following systems:
- Engine Jacket Water
- Charge Air
4.2. LN2 System
4.2.1. N2 Triplex Pump
One (1) ACD GUPD reciprocating high pressure triplex pump. 1 1/2” stroke x 1 5/8”
diameter cold ends are supplied with the pump. The pump will be hydraulically
• 10,000 psig Working pressure
• 1 5/8’ cold ends
• 32 GPM LN2 (180.000 SCFH GN2)

4.2.2. Triplex Lube
Lube system includes gear lube pump, 35 gallon oil reservoir, filter, relief valve and
water to oil tube and shell cooler.

4.2.3. LN2 Centrifugal pump
• 1 1/2” X 2 1/2” Hydraulic driven

4.2.4. 180K Vaporizer
Pot style LN2 Vaporizer rated @ 180,000 scfh at working pressure up to 10,000 psi.
The vaporizer design achieves radial thermal heat transfers between pluralities of
individually contained fluids within a radial design. This method allows efficient
extraction of heat from the engine coolant, hydraulic oil and lube system to vaporize
liquid nitrogen all in a single package.

4.2.5. High Pressure Piping
• Autoclave (or equivalent) stainless stem valves in high pressure lines
• High pressure manifold mounted above cold ends
• Customer GN2 high pressure discharge connection will be 1” X 1” fig 1502
• 1” Check valve rated @ 10,000 psi working.
• 9/16” relief valve located on the GN2 side set @ 11,500.
• 9/16” relief valve located on the LN2 side set @ 11,500.
• Pressure piping is rated @ 20,000 psi.
• Only Autoclave and Swagelok style fittings will be used.
• Manually adjustable 9/16’ LN2 tempering valve sized to provide adequate
control of the GN2 discharge temperature.
• Bypass (re-circulation) 9/16” valve from high pressure discharge back to tank
bypassing the vaporizer.
• All piping will be supported using aluminum Stauff style clamp to allow to
thermal expansion and vibration.

4.2.6. Low Pressure Piping
• Piping will be 316 type stainless steel
• 2” Brass 100 mesh strainers will be placed on the suction side of the boost
• Manual boost pump prime valve.
• Rego style relief valve (or equivalent) will be installed any where LN2 can be
• Boost pump will be mounted inline with relation to the tank feed valve to insure
proper prime and easy of maintains.
• Flex lines will be installed on the boost pump to minimize stress.
• Suction plumbing and valve will be 2” rated for nitrogen service.
• All piping will be supported using aluminum Stauff style clamp to allow to
thermal expansion and vibration.
4.3. Hydraulic System
4.3.1. Hydraulic Pump
Three (3) hydraulic pumps shall be installed on a auxiliary pump drive mounted
directly to the engine. Thepump will operate the flowing functions.
• One (1) water centrifugal pump hydraulic motor and system pressure
• One (1) boost centrifugal pump hydraulic motor
• One (1) triplex precipitating pump motor

Included with this hydraulic package shall be the following items:
• 90 Series 130 Sauer Danfoss variable displacement piston pump to provide
smooth power to the triplex drive motor.
• 45 Series 75 cc pressure compensated pump to provide power for the water
centrifugal motor.
• Sequence valves will be used to help generate the necessary heat required to
vaporize the LN2.
• All necessary relief valves to operate system.
• Vickers vane pump to operate the boost pump motor.
• 175 Gallon Hydraulic reservoir common to all systems including:
• Carbon steel construction

• Internal baffles
• Man-way for ease of cleaning
• Sight level gauge
• Breather cap
• Hydraulic valves (directional/speed/relief)
• Suction strainers for each circuit
• Hydraulic oil filters
• Hydraulic cooler
• Hydraulic hoses and fittings

4.4. Control Cabin/Console
The Total control cabin complete with a control panel shall be installed on the trailer.
The primary structure will be constructed of steel square tubing and will have
insulated walls. The control cabin will be equipped with one (1) cabin entry door on
the curb-side of the cabin. The door shall be positioned towards the rear half of the
cabin with the doors opening with the hinge towards the tractor. Located in the cabin
entry door, will be one (1) “dark tinted”, non-opening window. The front window will
be full width to allow adequate viewing of the triplex pump and piping.. The window
will be made of solar tinted safety glass. One (1) fold down style ladder with handrails
will provide easy access to the cabin.

4.4.1. Interior Features

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